Mini Training Sessions

MII Mini Training sessions are a flexible and customizable options for those already using MII who want to learn more about certain aspects of the software. Have an area your company has been struggling with? Want to learn best practices or become more efficient? Let us help you get there!

What’s Included?

We have provided a list of common topics below. However, these mini sessions can be completely customizable. Pricing is based on time. So if you have something you’d like us to cover, let us know and we can provide a time estimate.

If you have certain files or MII Libraries you would like us to use for the session, we’re happy to do so. If not, we will provide sample files.

We are unable to provide you with access to the MII Software unless you are completing a full training session. As such, it is important that you have access prior to completing one of our mini sessions. If you are not sure how to obtain the software, we can provide instructions.

Half Day sessions are available for up to 5 hours of instruction while Full Day sessions can be up to 8 hours of instruction. For both types of sessions we can accommodate up to 5 students at the lowest price point, or up to 10 students at a higher price point.

The mini sessions do not include support following the completion of the session. If you already have a support contract with JMF, that will remain unchanged. If you do not have a support contract, any future support will be based on our ad hoc rates.

Pricing is based on remote/online sessions. If you’d like to schedule an in person schedule, we’d be happy to provide a custom quote that includes travel expenses.

Session Topics

The following topics are recommendations, but we’re happy to cover any topic that you feel would be beneficial to you and your company.

Navigation1 Hour
Creating an Estimate (Project Lifecycle)3 Hours
Reports2 Hours
Translate/Reprice1.5 Hours
Creating/Managing Assemblies1.5 Hours
Creating Local Labor Library2 Hours
Markups2.5 Hours


Please see below for the options available for Mini Training Sessions as well as the pricing for each.

Session TypeNumber of PeopleCost
Half Day Session (up to 5 Hours)1 – 5$1400
Half Day Session (up to 5 Hours)6 – 10$2500
Full Day Session (up to 8 Hours)1 – 5$2500
Full Day Session (up to 8 Hours)6 – 10$4500

How to Get Started

If you are interested in signing up for a Mini Training Session, click here to submit a request and we’ll be in contact with you shortly to finalize the details.

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